Fit Body Boot Camp opened its first location in October of 2008 in California. Only a few months after the first location was open the chain was receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback leading them to expand to seven more locations. The Fit Body Boot Camp prices and fitness style has proven so popular that the company has become one of the fastest growing chains in the industry currently boasting over 300 locations world wide. The company continues to zoom towards its goal of introducing 20% of the population to a healthier lifestyle by 2020 through their unique and innovative fitness program that focuses on the goals of the individual.

Below are the latest Fit Body Boot Camp Prices and Fees:

Fit Body Boot Camp Prices
One Adult
Initiation Fee$0-$100
Monthly Fee$180-$200
Prepay Annually$2000-$2300
Initiation Fee$0-$200
Monthly Fee$200-$240
Prepay Annually$2500-$2800

The Fit Body Boot Camp prices make it an affordable option for those who need personalized help and advice to achieve a fitness or weight loss goal. Membership includes access to personalized routines and exercises that are designed to meet your individual fitness goal. Fit Body Boot Camp prices includes access to trainers and staff that can guide you, help you avoid injury during your workout routines, and help you gain or reduce weight in a healthy fashion using unique workout programs.

The Fit Body Boot Camp fees start out at $180-$200 per month for an individual and $200-$240 for a couple. These Fit Body Boot Camp fees include the use of indoor and outdoor training facilities along with access to a personal trainer who will create your unique workout plan. The initiation fee per person is typically $100 and is paid when you sign up at the location of your choice (there are special occasions where initiation fee is free). Members have the option of paying their membership fees annually for a small discount, cancellation fees may apply. We recommend you call your local The Fit Body Boot Camp to get the latest prices and fees. Click HERE to find a The Fit Body Boot Camp near you.