The first Koko Fit Club was opened in 2007 by a couple who wanted to create a gym with the feel of a private...

The first Koko Fit Club was opened in 2007 by a couple who wanted to create a gym with the feel of a private studio that offered highly customized workouts. Each member is able to design an individualized workout that helps them meet their specific goals. Using the popular Smartraining System Koko Fit Club prices include access to a personalized diet program that works in conjuction with the workout routines. The average workout is approximately 30 minutes long and focuses on achieving results without negatively impacting the members motivation or determination to establish a healthy lifestyle.

Below are the latest Koko Fit Club Prices and Fees:

KoKo Fit Club Prices
Initiation Fee$0-$100
Monthly Fee$100-$120
Prepay Annually$900-$1100
Two Adults
Initiation Fee$0-$200
Monthly Fee$200-$240
Prepay Annually$2300-$2500

Koko Fit Club prices are paid monthly and include access to several patented inventions that are only available at the fitness clubs 30 locations. The most popular aspect that is part of Koko Fit Club prices is acess to the Koko Smartrainer. This is a device used while at the fitness club that replaces a traditional personal trainer. Through the devices touch screen members can guide themselves through an individualized workout routine. Members are also able to get assistance from health experts regarding diet and exercise routines while enjoying the use of top of the line exercise equipment.

Koko Fit Club fees are affordable and in some areas health insurance plans will cover the cost of some of a members fees. Some locations offer one day free trials or sell discounted one day passes to give perspective members a chance to try out the facility prior to signing up. Once you have decided to give the club a try Koko Fit Club fees start out at $100-120 per month with up to $100 initiation fee for a single adult. Couples can join for $200-$240 per month with up to $200 initiation fee. Initiation and Monthly fee will depend on the cost of living in your area and the type of promotion the gym is running when you decide to sign up. There are no cancellation fees and annual memberships are available for your convenience. We recommend you call your local Koko Fit Club to get the latest prices and fees. Click HERE to find a Koko Fit Club near you.