Founded in 2006 by a self taught choreographer and dancer, Pure Barre is designed to offer women of all ages a way to complete...

Founded in 2006 by a self taught choreographer and dancer, Pure Barre is designed to offer women of all ages a way to complete low impact workouts that are still effective. Utilizing various parts of ballet, yoga, and Pilates the unique workout regiment includes the use of light weights, exercise balls, and barre. Pure Barre prices are affordable and instead of requiring membership those who participate are able to purchase individual or bulk classes. Today there are over 200 locations throughout the United States and the owner of Pure Barre continues to promote her unique low impact regime throughout the nation.

Below are the latest Pure Barre Prices and Fees:

Pure Barre Prices
1 Month From First Use (new client special)$195.00
First Class$10.00
3 Months Unlimited (No Contract)$475.00
6 Months Unlimited (No Contract)$850.00
Baby on Board - 3 Months Unlimited (No Contract)$375.00
Brides: Commit to Fit$375.00
Intensive Class - Without Current Package$25.00
Mommy Bounce Back - 3 Months Unlimited$375.00
New Client Special $99.00
One Year Unlimited$1,500.00
Pure Barre 5 Classes$95.00
Pure Barre 10 Classes$180.00
Pure Barre 15 Classes$255.00
Pure Barre 20 Classes$320.00
Pure Barre 40 Classes$580.00
Pure Barre Passport - 1 Week Unlimited$55.00
Pure Barre Passport - 3 Class Pack$45.00
Pure Barre Single Class$20.00

Pure Barre prices give those who participate in the program access to a variety of effective exercises that work various parts of the body. Through the use of aerobic weight training, yoga, and Pilates each class provides a full body workout that is perfect for beginners. The average class is 55 minutes with a workout that starts with a warm up, moves on to a lower body workout, before completing core sculpting. There are longer, 75 minute, workouts that are designed to sculpt “problem” areas such as the abdominal area, thighs, and buttocks. Pure Barre prices also include the option of taking an introduction class that breaks down all of the moves and a “lite” class that offers a slower paced workout so those new to the program can build up strength and endurance.

Instead of traditional membership dues Pure Barre fees are charged on a per class basis. The first class is $10.00 and gives those interested a chance to see if the workout program is for them. New clients can purchase one month of unlimited classes for $195.00 or one week of unlimited classes for $55.00. Individual classes are $20.00 and there are various special rates for new mothers, women getting in shape for their wedding, etc. that cost $375.00 for three months. We recommend you call your local Pure Barre to get the latest prices and fees. Click HERE to find a Pure Barre near you.