Unhappy with body waxes that leave remnants of hair? Looking for smooth shiny body waxes that let you show off that bikini body? Brazilian...

Unhappy with body waxes that leave remnants of hair? Looking for smooth shiny body waxes that let you show off that bikini body? Brazilian Bikini Wax has the solution for you! Introduced to the US in the late 1980s, the Brazilian bikini wax is currently one of the most popular body waxing methods in the country. What makes it unique from all the waxing methods available? Unlike regular bikini waxes which leave hair in certain places – Brazilian waxes remove hair from the back to the front, and everything in between. And so the best place to get this awesome wax done? None other than Brazilian Wax by Andreia, for the authentic Brazilian flair guaranteeing clean, smooth results leaving only a tiny strip of hair at the front. To feel sexier, completely clean and confident in that bikini in your closet spend 30 minutes at Brazilian Wax by Andreia for just $35 for a wax down there, then you can show off your sexy bikini body at the beach. Irresistible prices and quality work can be found exclusively at Brazilian Wax by Andreia.

Listed below are the latest Brazilian Wax prices:

Brazilian Wax For Women
Eyebrow waxing$15
Upper lip waxing$5
Chin waxing$10
Underarm waxing$10
Half arm waxing$20
Full arm waxing$25
Half leg waxing$25
Full leg waxing$40
Bikini line waxing$25
Brazilian back waxing$15
Back waxing$20
Stomach waxing$20
Buttocks waxing$10
Nose waxing$10
Full body waxing$65
Brazilian wax$35

Brazilian Wax For Men
Eyebrow waxing$15
Nose waxing$10
Ear waxing$10
Shoulder waxing$10
Chest waxing$30
Back waxing$30
Full arm waxing$30
Half arm waxing$20
Underarm waxing$15
Full leg waxing$50
Half leg waxing$30
Bikini line waxing$35
Brazilian back waxing$20
Buttock waxing$30

More about Brazilian Wax

Starting off in 2000 with her first salon in Georgia, Andreia Guilmet already had ten years of experience having helped her aunt from the early age of 13. Her aunt had a salon that offered body waxing services to clients all the way in Brazil. Brazilian Wax by Andreia has grown to 12 locations in just 10 years with a philosophy of providing clients with a superior waxing experience through great services and affordable prices.

Other than traditional Brazilian waxing, Brazilian Wax by Andreia also offers a full range of services at budget saving, affordable prices starting off at an unbelievable $5 for chin waxing, eyebrow waxing, upper lip waxing, and so much more. A full body wax special costs just $65. Brazilian Wax by Andreia also offers services for men including eyebrows, the stomach and more. They also have a full body waxing special for men at just $175.

For more information about Brazilian Wax and to find a location near you CLICK HERE.


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