Cineworld Cinemas is a chain of movie theaters located throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Jersey that is currently owned and operated by Cineworld...

Cineworld Cinemas is a chain of movie theaters located throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Jersey that is currently owned and operated by Cineworld Group. The company boasts 82 locations including a location in Glasgow that is currently the busiest and tallest movie theater in the world. Initially opening its doors in 1996 Cineworld quickly gained popularity by consistently offering guests a comfortable movie viewing experience in some of the best locations available. Though the company has undergone a few mergers that led to the sale of several locations in accordance to United Kingdom’s fair trading laws the Cineworld price, locations, and customer service have helped the chain retain a loyal customer base.

Below are the latest Cineworld Ticket Prices:

Cineworld Tickets
Child (14 and Under)£6.00
Senior Citizen£6.99
Child (14 and Under)£7.00
Senior Citizen£7.99
Additional Charges
IMAX Charges+£6.99
3D Charges+£1.99

Cineworld Concession Prices

Cineworld price for concessions is comparable with the prices charged by other movie theaters operating in the same areas. The primary difference is that many Cineworld locations feature premium brands that are sold by outlets of popular chains. Guests are able to visit outlets and purchase items from Baskin Robbins, Ben and Jerry’s, and Starbucks prior to watching their movies with pricing being determined by the company’s agreements with the respective chains. Guests are also able to enjoy reasonable popcorn prices for salty and sweet popcorn along with favorites like frozen drinks, hot dogs, and more.

Below are the latest Cineworld Concession Prices:

Cineworld Concessions
Medium Popcorn£4.60
Large Popcorn£5.10
Toffee Popcorn£5.25
Regular Candy£2.75
Hot Dogs£4.75
Chili Nuts£3.75
Ice Cream£4.10
Small Soft Drink£1.90
Medium Soft Drink£2.25
Large Soft Drink£2.85
Frozen Drinks£6.25

More about Cineworld

Cineworld price is kept very competitive by the multiple programs and discounts that the company offers to encourage customers to frequent their locations. Cineworld ticket prices themselves are similar to the rates charged by competitors, but there special programs give customers a way to reduce the Cineworld ticket cost. One way to save on the Cineworld ticket prices is to purchase an Unlimited Card that gives members the ability to view an unlimited number of films for one low monthly price.

Cineworld Unlimited members are able to receive a 10% discount on all concession items during their first year of membership. During their second year of membership the Cineworld ticket cost for premium 3D films is waived and members get a discount of 25% on all concession items. If you would like to view a movie in a theaters VIP seating area then the a member would only need to pay the £2.00 fee. Also, Cineworld ticket prices for preview screenings and secret screenings are reduced or waived. Members also receive discounts at partner resteaurants including Pizza Hut and Chiquito.

For more information visit Cineworld official website by clicking HERE .