Great Clips staff is not only well qualified, trained and committed to making you look amazing, they’re also going to give you a very...

Great Clips staff is not only well qualified, trained and committed to making you look amazing, they’re also going to give you a very customized service. With online services connecting all franchises, Great Clips will give you an equally good and customized service, irrespective of which branch you walk into! Great Clips haircut prices are some of the best in the industry and start at $12 for kids and $14 for adults. Great Clips Prices may vary from location to location but they should be very similar to what we have below.


Great Clips Haircut Prices
kids 10 & under
Seniors 65 & over $12


Great Clips Style Prices
Regular hair$25
Long hair$35



Great Clips Perm Prices
Partial perm$35
Regular hair$60
Long hair$75


Great Clips Extras
Condition treatment$13
Neck, beard and bang trim$7


Great Clips FAQ

How much is it for a haircut at Great Clips?

Great Clips Haircut price is $12 for Kids and Seniors. Adult haircut price is 14.

How much should you tip for a haircut at Great Clips?

Haircut tip is not a requirement but if you think your stylist did a good job tipping $2-$3 is a nice way to let them know they are doing a great job.

How much is a senior haircut at Great Clips?

Senior haircut is $12 .

How much does a perm cost at Great Clips?

$35 for partial perm $60 for regular hair and $75 for long hair.

Does Great Clips have $6.99 haircuts?

No. That was a one time promotion they were doing back in 2017. Beware of facebook pages that offer $6.99 and $7.99 great clips coupons they are fake. The best way to check for Great clips coupons is by visiting great clips official promotion site by clicking HERE .

What time does Great Clips open?

8am or 9am depending on location.

What time does Great Clips close? 

8pm or 9pm depending on location.

More about Great Clips

Established in 1982, Great Clips originally opened its doors near the University of Minnesota. It was turned into a franchise in 1983 where the first franchised Great Clips was opened in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. In the short time span between 1983 and 1988, Great Clips grew to a 151 franchised branches. By the year 2011, they had reached an astounding 3,100 franchises in the United States and Canada. In 2010, they had over $846 million worth of sales!

The best thing about Great Clips, is that unlike for most salons, you don’t have to make reservations. You can walk right in, at your convenience, and enjoy a decent service from the staff and of course walk out looking amazing! Their service is ideal for people with busy day jobs, filled with appointments, errands, meetings, workshops and presentations. With Great Clips having their doors open until the evenings and also over the weekends, your haircare will be at your convenience! Great Clips was the first in the industry to introduce an online check-in application offered by a Salon. What’s more, you can now set up a reservation with the time slot of your convenience, at just the press of a button! Best of all Great Clips Prices are affordable considering the convenience, quality of services, and number of services they provide.

To top it all off, Great Clips prices are unparalleled with their competitors which will blow your mind away! Enjoy adult haircuts at just $14.00, haircuts for children aged 10 and under at $12.00, and senior haircuts at $12.00. Partial and regular perms are priced at $35.00 and $60.00 respectively whereas a perm for long hair would cost $75.00. For just $5.00 you can enjoy a bang, beard or neck trim! Great Clips prices are undeniably affordable. But affordability is not the only thing that makes Great Clips stand out among other salons. There’s also the Great Clips volunteerism effort to help build stronger communities in the locations where they operate in.

Great Clips has proved to be an established institution, with great prices and dedicated staff. What’s more, they do their bit to make the society a better place too! Walk in today and enjoy an amazing hair care experience!

For more information about Great Clips and to find a location near you CLICK HERE

  • Merle

    March 1, 2019 #1 Author

    Yesterday, 2/28/19, was my first experience with Great Clips. I went to the store at Friendly Shopping Center in Greensboro, N.C. Been getting “home” haircuts for the last 5 years & was ready for a real haircut. Without a doubt one of the best experiences I’ve ever had let alone probably one of the best haircuts…ever. Did the wash/condition as well..

    Can’t say enough good things about Great Clips at Friendly Shopping Center OR the top-notch service(s) provided by Brittany. Highly recommended!


  • Linda

    May 14, 2019 #2 Author

    I went to great clips today. I received a coupon in the mail. I am a new resident of Georgetown.. I went to the salon near Randall’s and Sherry did a good job cutting my hair.


  • Kaye Hackney Ball

    June 2, 2019 #3 Author

    I have been to the Rockmart shop twice and was very satisfied. Today will be my third time. Have had haircuts and bought products.


  • Kathleen Barragan

    June 26, 2019 #4 Author

    I had my hair trimmed at Great Clips in Watchung. I was asked for my hair to be washed. I also had to ask for my hair to be blown dry. My hair is just above shoulder length. I was told the blow dry would be extra. I said that is fine, assuming it was $5 or $10. I was charged $15 for the cut, $5 for the shampoo and $25 for the blow dry. The stylist was very friendly, but literally dried my hair for no more than 5 minutes. It was dry but in no way styled. That costs $25? Shame on you Great Clips.


  • Single Mom Of 3

    June 28, 2019 #5 Author

    I have been a customer at Great Clips for a couple years now, I myself get my haircut as well as my 3 children. The prices started out low at $11.00 per adult haircut and $8.00 for kids which is reasonable. But today is the year 2019 it is now $14.00 adult haircut and $12.00 for kids, no its not extreme but its alot when there are several people in your family!! I went today and got my oldest ( 16) haircut, my 3yr. old’s haircut, and my 2yr. old’s hair braided ( a regular french braid) which I could have done myself but didnt want her to feel left out and my bill was $41.00 WOW…. I paid $15.00 just for a braid more than both my boy’s haircut’s. That to me is not right, I am sorry but I am a single mom supporting all 3 of my children on my own and is the case for most of parents out here now a days!! I work as much as humanly possible which barely covers whats needed to spend nearly $50 in that manner is unreasonable… I guess its time to go somewhere else like Rapheals Barber where its only $7 per haircut no matter age and $5 for a braid, line up,trim, shave, or a wax. That’s the place I am recommending from now on!!!!


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