Fantastic Sams is a hair and beauty salon franchise based in both the United States and Canada. With over 1,100 branches in total, it...

Fantastic Sams is a hair and beauty salon franchise based in both the United States and Canada. With over 1,100 branches in total, it is one of the largest full-service salon chains in America. Fantastic Sams was founded by Sam Ross in Memphis, Tennessee in 1974 – and within 2 years was franchising. Since then, Fantastic Sams has also come up with their own hair care products! Fantastic Sams prices vary by location but they should not differ all that much from one location to another.

Listed below are the latest Fantastic Sams prices:

Adult Haircut & Shampoo$14
Adult Haircut with Shampoo & Blow Dry$17
Kids Haircut with Shampoo 11 & Under$10
Kids Hair cut with Shampoo & Blow Dry$13

Fantastic Sams Specialties
Adult Design Haircut with Shampoo & Style$24
Updo Style$35

Hair Color
Dimension Color (Full Color & Highlights with Haircut, Shampoo & Style)$115
Highlights with Shampoo, Haircut & Style$80
Color and Haircut with Shampoo & Style$55
Single Foils: Min 4 Foils, Max 14 Foils$5 each

Full Perm with Haircut, Shampoo & Style$58
Perm with Haircut & Shampoo$51

Lip Waxing$8
Eyebrows Waxing$10
Chin Waxing$10

Shampoo Set with Shampoo & Style$17
Reconstructive Hair Treatment: Shine, Moisture, Strength or Chlorine Removal$10

More about Fantastic Sams:

Walk into any Fantastic Sams Salon for a range of services such as haircuts, styling, straightening, highlights, coloring, updos, texturing, facial waxing, mustache or beard trims and even rejuvenating treatments for damaged or stressed hair – all under one roof! What makes Fantastic Sams even more fantastic is that their rates are amazingly affordable!
As we mentioned before, Fantastic Sams is a franchise chain and therefore independently owned. Hence, Fantastic Sams does not have standardized rates amongst all locations but the Fantastic Sams prices we provided above should closely resemble what you may find at your local Fantastic Sams salon. For less than $10 you would be able to enjoy a shining, strengthening, moisturizing treatment, chlorine removal or even a constructive hair treatment! At just $10.00 for kids under 11 and $13.00 for kids over 11, they can have their haircuts with shampooing! Adults? Only $14.00 ($17.00 with blow dry) for the same! At just $35.00 get an updo, and you can also choose to have the shampoo set with styling for a fantastic add-on price of $10.00. Chin, lip or eyebrow waxing would cost only $10.00, whereas the complete set for a shampoo, haircut, style and highlights comes to a total of $80.00.

As you can see Fantastic Sams prices are among the lowest in the industry, but the quality of services they provide is very high. So there you have it! Fantastic Sams has been up and running since 1974, making them veterans in the industry at prices that are fantastically low! What, you need more? The staff at Fantastic Sams are professional, exceptionally qualified, committed and passionate towards not only making you look fantastic but making you feel fantastic as well!

For more information about Fantastic Sams and to find a location near you CLICK HERE.

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