Gold’s Gym is one of the United States oldest, and well recognized, chain of fitness centers. Founded in 1965 in Venice Beach, California Gold’s Gym grew to have a reputation as the gym of choice among serious bodybuilders especially after it was featured in the 1977 movie Pumping Iron. Over the years Gold’s Gym has become a favorite workout location for celebrities including Jessica Alba and The Rock. In spite of its own pop culture status Gold’s Gym prices have continued to remain reasonable. Today the gym has over 700 locations throughout the United States and several other countries with millions of member’s world wide.

Below are the latest Gold’s Gym Prices and Fees:

Gold's Gym Prices
Initiation Fee$0-$30
Monthly Fee$20-$30
Prepay Annually$180-$250
Initiation Fee$0-$60
Monthly Fee$30-40
Prepay Annually$350-$450

Gold’s Gym prices give members access to the latest gym equipment including cardio machines, free weights, and strength training equipment. There are several programs that can help members create their own unique workout plan designed to help them meet their personal goals. Gold’s Gym prices also include access to several classes and programs including group cycling, mixed martial arts, Pilates, Zumba, yoga, and many more. There are certified trainers available to teach classes or help develop personal workout plans and each location has a children’s area where kids can play together while their parents or older siblings workout.

New members can visit their nearest Gold’s Gym or the company website to receive a free pass to visit the gym or participate in a class. If you choose to continue on as a member Gold’s Gym fees start at $20 per month. Those who want to have access to unlimited clubs the monthly fee is $30-40 per month and the initiation fee is between $0 and $60 depending on the promotions gold’s is running at the time. Annual memberships are available at a discounted rate however there may be cancellation fee involved if you decide to cancel early. Gold’s Gym fees include access to all classes and programs offered by the facility. We recommend you call your local Gold’s Gym to get the latest prices and fees. Click HERE to find a Gold’s Gym near you.