Showcase Cinemas is a movie theater chain that operates throughout the world and is currently owned by National Amusement. With locations throughout the United...

Showcase Cinemas is a movie theater chain that operates throughout the world and is currently owned by National Amusement. With locations throughout the United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, and Argentina the chain currently has over 950 screens world wide. In an attempt to compete with the larger chains Showcase Cinemas has begun renovating their locations to offer features such as in seat dining, plush sheets, and expanded viewing experiences. Showcase  Cinema price differs based on country and individual location, but most customers enjoy the atmosphere and service that they are provided.

Below are the latest Showcase Cinema Ticket Prices:

Showcase Tickets
Child (2-14)£6.85
Child (2-14)£6.85
Additional Charges
3D Charges+£3.00

Showcase Cinema Concession Prices

Showcase price for concessions is largely determined by the area the theater is located in. With larger competitors most locations offer extremely reasonable prices compared to other multiplexes. Popcorn prices for salty and toffee popcorn are kept low along with the prices for candy, nachos, hot dogs, and frozen drinks. Though many locations have small concession areas, there are movie theaters owned by Showcase Cinemas that are being remodeled to included bigger concession areas with a more diverse menu. A few locations offer in seat dining that include salads, entrees, and full bars serving cocktails for prices that vary based on location.

Below are the latest Showcase Concession Prices:

Showcase Concessions
Small Popcorn£4.20
Medium Popcorn£4.50
Large Popcorn£4.90
Regular Candy£2.10
Large Candy£2.55
Hot Dog£4.60
Gourmet Popcorn£3.85
Small Soft Drink£3.00
Medium Soft Drink£3.30
Large Soft Drink£3.60
Small Ice Blast£3.60
Regular Ice Blast£3.90
Large Ice Blast£4.30

More about Showcase Cinema

The Showcase Cinema ticket prices start out at £6.85 for children between the ages of 2 and 14. Students and adults are charged the same matinee prices and senior citizens are also charged the lower Showcase ticket prices of £6.85 during matinee showings. During the evening hours on the weekdays (and beginning mid afternoon on weekends) the Showcase Cinema ticket cost increases, but students children, and senior citizens can still enjoy a discounted rate. There are additional charges for 3D movies including a fee for the glasses.

Showcase Cinemas participates in their own reward program that encourages members to visit their locations often in order to receive rewards. Guests earn points for every dollar that is spent at a Showcase location. These points can be redeemed for Showcase ticket cost reductions, free concession items, or free movie vouchers. Guests are also able to purchase their tickets online free of any processing fees thanks to Showcase’s partnership with their online ticket processor. Showcase ticket prices can also be significantly reduced by participating in various clubs that are run by Showcase. These clubs include a kid’s club, a summer reading program, mom’s night out, and discount days such as Bargain Tuesdays.

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