The Ulta Beauty company is one of the largest and most prolific chains of beauty salon in the United States. Boasting the title of largest beauty retailer in the U.S as well as owning nearly 800 retail stores nationwide, Ulta Beauty is truly a juggernaut in the beauty industry. Ulta Beauty Salon first opened their doors a mere 25 years ago, making their rise to success even more notable. The company sells over 20,000 different products, from more than 500 beauty brands, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Ulta Beauty also has its own private brand of beauty products. One of the biggest features of Ulta Beauty is the one-stop shop aspect. Under one roof, you have the best selection possible of beauty products as well as a full-service salon. Aiming to out-do and out-last the competition, Ulta Beauty is here to stay.

One question that resounds in the heads of individuals when it comes to any commercial product or service is: What are the Ulta Salon Prices? A fair comparison of prices when it comes to beauty projects is very difficult for some, especially the layman, when the information is so scattered and disorganized across many sites on the Internet. That is why we have compiled a list for your convenience of Ulta Salon Prices.  Below is a list of the services offered by the Ulta Salon, and a list of Ulta Salon Prices.

Ulta Salon Services

Hair services

Rest assured that whether you are coming to the Ulta salon for a basic cut or a full hair makeover, your hair will be in good hands (literally!).First off, Redken trained stylists will evaluate what kind of style you wish to go for, what hairstyles would best accent your personal facial structure, and your lifestyle. The idea is the better Ulta Beauty knows you, the better they can tailor a haircut that suits you perfectly. The stylist will also go over techniques and products to use at home, ensuring your hair style lasts for as long as possible and looks how you want it, every day. You will not be disappointed by the Ulta Salon Experience.

Skin Care Services

Ulta Salon offers a variety of skin care services. First, Face mapping is free – a Dermalogica® skin therapist will supply a one-on-one skin analysis procedure. Ulta salon also offers Microdermabrasion, makeup applications, and a variety of specially tailored skin treatment options. Moisture Boost, Blackhead Relief, Age Repair, Eye Rescue, Skin Soothing and Go & Glow Exfoliation are the Dermalogica® MicroZone® “quick fix” options that can help you save face (pun intended) on short notice!

Nail Care Services

Ulta Beauty offers professional nail coloring in their salons. Many people come in for a haircut, and get their nails done while they are there – It’s a convenient option for the modern day on-the-go individual. Ulta Salon specialists offer gelcolor by OPI® as well as gelcolor removal services. No matter what color you crave, Ulta Beauty will have what you need

For detailed product and salon information visit Ulta Salon official website. Click on the logo below to book a appointment with ulta salon professional.


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