Founded in 1931 Harkins Theatres is a chain of movie theaters that is found primarily through the south western part of the United States....

Founded in 1931 Harkins Theatres is a chain of movie theaters that is found primarily through the south western part of the United States. The first location was opened by Dwight Harkins when he was only 18 years old. He opened this theater after running out of money on his quest to Hollywood in order to become an actor and instead was able to lease a theatre. Though his initial theatre did remain open long, his second theatre that was opened in 1940 became one of the most innovated theaters of its time. In the 1980s Harkins theaters were able to expand and the reasonable Harkins price when compared to larger chains helped the company establish a loyal following.

Below are the latest Harkins Ticket Prices:

Harkins Tickets
Child (3-13)$6.00

Harkins Concession Prices

Many customers are attracted to the smaller chain because the Harkins price for concession items is lower than many other chains. The small popcorn prices are $5.00 and sizes up to an extra Large are available for approximately $1.50 more per size. Standard movie theater food options are available including gourmet popcorn (various flavors) for $4.00, pretzels for $5.50, and pizza’s starting at $5.50. Frozen drinks are also available and a popular item an extra large soft drink is only $5.50.

Below are the latest Harkins Prices for Concessions:

Harkins Concessions
Small Popcorn$5.00
Medium Popcorn$6.50
Large Popcorn$7.25
Extra Large$7.75
Small Candy$3.00
Medium Candy$3.50
Large Candy$4.00
Gourmet Pretzel$5.50
Gourmet Popcorn$4.00
Hot Dog$4.50
Cheese Pizza$5.50
Pepperoni Pizza$6.50
Small Soft Drink$4.50
Medium Soft Drink$4.75
Large Soft Drink$5.00
Extra Large Soft Drink$5.50
Small Icee$5.00
Regular Icee$5.50
Bottled Water$4.00

More about Harkins

Many customers have become loyal fans of the chain because of the constantly low Harkins price. Harkins ticket prices for matinee showings that are available before 12:00 pm on weekends and before 5:00 pm on weekdays start out at $6.00 per ticket for children ages 3 to 13 with adult matinee prices currently $7.50 per ticket. . Military members (with active IDs), students (with identification), are able to watch movies all day long for $7.50 while Harkins ticket prices for senior citizens is $7.00 all day. In the evening time the Harkins price for adult tickets does go up in the evening.

Understanding that customer loyalty is important the company offers many ways to reduce the overall Harkins ticket cost. Harkins ticket cost on kid friendly films is reduced to $1.00 per movie throughout the summer time and discounted ticket packages are available for schools, corporations, and others who benefit from using bulk discounts. In addition to reducing Harkins ticket prices there is a customer loyalty program that gives members who wear their loyalty t-shirt a free medium popcorn all year long and bringing your loyalty cup gives you access to $1.50 soft drink refills throughout the year.

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