There is no disagreeing to the fact that there can be nothing like a long, soothing massage done by well trained professionals. Massages are...

There is no disagreeing to the fact that there can be nothing like a long, soothing massage done by well trained professionals. Massages are great if you are looking to unwind after a long day at work, to recover from any aches and pains that bother you, or simply for wellness’s sake. For all of the above, your first choice should be Massage Envy Spa. With roots spanning over 10 years, Massage envy was set up to promote a healthier lifestyle accessible to everyone (price wise and otherwise) and turn a new page in the wellness industry.

Below are the latest Massage Envy prices.

Message Envy Message Prices
1-Hour Massage Session$50
1-Hour Healthy Skin Facial Session$60
Monthly Membership
Includes one
1-Hour Massage$60
1-Hour Murad Facial starting at $10

Massage Envy Enhanced Therapies
Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy$16
Aroma Therapy $16
Deep Muscle Therapy$19
Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy $11
Deep Muscle Therapy$12

Massage Envy Customized Session Prices
1-Hour Massage $80
1-Hour Murad Facial $90
1.5-Hour Massage$120
2-Hour Massage $160
Hot Stone Envy$160
1-Hour Massage$40
1-Hour Murad Facial$50
1.5-Hour Massage$60
2-Hour Massage$80
Hot Stone Envy$80

Relaxation is a word synonymous with massage, and Massage Envy provides customized services to enable their customers to benefit from many therapeutic massages.
With convenient locations and flexible hours, Massage Envy prices are also enviable in terms of absolute affordability. Massage Envy Spa goes beyond traditional massage spas to also offer facial treatments, thus offering overall body and facial care treatment under a single roof.

Getting a massage at Massage Envy has many advantages such as reduction of chronic back pain, alleviation of headaches caused by tension, improvement in posture, and stress release . Their facial treatment include increase in circulation , moisturize the skin-reducing signs of premature aging, and improving skin tone.
Obtain your Massage Envy full-access memberships today to both Massage Envy and Massage Envy Spa to enjoy customized massage therapy for an hour monthly, and, for a small additional fee, an hour of a day spa facial treatment, unlimited spa facials and massages and sharing privileges, among others, all at the same affordable Massage Envy prices starting at $49.99 per hour for an essential therapeutic massage at all 900 locations.

For more information about Massage Envy and to find a location near you CLICK HERE

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