Owned and operated by the Registered Corporation, the Famous Hair salon chain boasts availability in many different locations across the United States of America....

Owned and operated by the Registered Corporation, the Famous Hair salon chain boasts availability in many different locations across the United States of America. The best part about this salon is that they realize you have a busy schedule, and walk ins are accepted for ordinary treatments. Famous Hair salon services range from simple hair cuts, coloring, conditioning treatments and facial waxes – all at affordable Famous Hair Prices. Select Famous Hair salons also provide a relaxation service to ease the tension that you’ve been accumulating throughout the day. Hair conditioning products are also commercially available to maintain the treatments that are offered in the salon.

Listed below are the latest Famous Hair prices:

Kids (10 and under)$11.00
Beard or Bang Trim$5.00

Includes Haircut and Style, Finish not included
Perm Plus (With haircut)$44.00
Partial Perm (15 rods or less with cut)$25.00
Designer Wrap
Senior Perm (includes haircut only)$35.99
Spiral Perm (shoulder length)$65.00
Spiral Perm (Middle of back length)$75.00
Spiral Perm (Waist length)$85.00

Special Services
The Works (shampoo, haircut & blowdry)/center>Start at $18.00
Finish Style (Shampoo, Blow Dry, Curling/Flat Iron + Basic Braid)Start at $12.00
Design Style (Updos, Twists, Specialty Braids, Spiral Curls, Straighten hair with Flat Iron)$35.00
Shampoo Only$5.00
Shampoo and Set$12.00
Shampoo with Haircut$2.00
Fluff Dry with Haircut$1.00
Style Dry (With cut or chemical service)$3.00
Curling Iron (With cut or chemical service)Start at $3.00
Set with Senior Perm$6.00
Request Fee$2.00

1 Area$10.00
2 Areas$15.00
3 Areas$20.00

Conditioner Treatment
Pre-Service Chemistry$9.00
Post-Service Chemistry$9.00
Deep Conditioner$10.00
Hydrate Balm$5.00
Color Care Conditioner$5.00

Haircut & Finish
Includes Detox Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling

More about Famous Hair:

The next time you feel your hair is a mess and you’re running out of time to make it look good before work begins, feel free to drop by at any of their convenient locations and they’ll take care of your tangled hair. You can shop through their personally selected hair conditioning products to make your hair healthy. If you’ve found your existing hair color mundane and would like to go wild for a change, let them help you pick a color and get you to start feeling good. If you feel like you need a facial to clear out those pores before your dinner date, they’ll provide you with a relaxing facial – and in no time, you’ll find yourself ready and set to go. If you think you have neglected your hair for too long and you’re worried there’s nothing that can be done to bring back its luster, fear not, the Famous Hair salon conditioning treatments will revive your hair to the health it once had. They not only provide services for women, but also for men. They offer bang and beard trims to help you look smart and set for your job or social event. Drop by at one of the Famous Hair salon locations at your convenience for a worthwhile hair treatment.

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    Do you still offer 7 days satisfaction ?


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