American Multi Cinema (AMC) Theatres is a chain of movie theaters that is located in the United States and owned by AMC Entertainment Inc....

American Multi Cinema (AMC) Theatres is a chain of movie theaters that is located in the United States and owned by AMC Entertainment Inc. The movie chain was founded by Barney Dubinsky, Edward Dubinsky, and Maurice Dubinsky after the three brothers established a name for themselves as traveling performers in the early 1900s. By 1961 the chain (known then as the Durwood Theatres) consisted of 10 locations and in 1968 the chain was renamed American Multi-Cinema. Over the years AMC Theatres made a name for themselves by providing excellent customer service and growing to embrace the trend of offering multiple screens with several film selections to increase revenue. Today AMC boasts more than 400 locations throughout the United States and mainland China.

Below are the latest AMC Ticket Prices:

AMC Tickets
Child (2-12)$4.99
Child (2-12)$6.99
3D Charges+$3.00
IMAX Charges+$5.00

AMC Concession Prices

AMC concession prices are extremely competitive and comparable with the prices charged by other movie theaters of similar size. Every location offers their guests the standard movie theater snacks with soft drink and popcorn prices you would expect at most major theaters. AMC Popcorn prices start at $6 for small and go up to $8 for large popcorn.  Guests can also order nachos, drinks, candy, and hot dogs. Certain locations, especially the new dine-in movie theaters, offer additional snacks and food items such pizza, French fries, mozzarella sticks, sandwiches, and additional items that cost between $7.00 and $13.00 per item or meal. Many AMC locations feature a full bar for guests who are over 21 years of age with the AMC price for alcoholic beverages varying based on the theater location.

Below are the latest AMC Prices for Concessions:

AMC Concessions
Small Popcorn$6.00
Medium Popcorn$7.00
Large Popcorn$8.00
Small Candy$3.50
Large Candy$4.25
Gourmet Pretzel$5.00
Caramel Popcorn$7.00
Hot Dog$5.00
Deluxe Food
Classic Burger & Fries$12.00
Bacon Burgers & Fries$12.00
Royal Burgers & Fries$12.00
Big Bite Sampler$12.00
Chicken Tenders$8.00
House Fries$8.00
Buttermilk Biscuit Poppers$8.00
Small Soft Drink$4.50
Medium Soft Drink$5.00
Large Soft Drink$5.50
Bottled Water$4.25

More about AMC

Like many different movie theater chains AMC ticket prices are based on the time of day the movie is seen. AMC price for movies shown before 12:00 pm are $4.99 for movies shown in 2D, $7.99 for 3D movies, and $9.99 for IMAX. AMC ticket prices for movies shown before 5:00 pm are $8.49 for 2D movies, $11.49 for 3D movies, and $13.49 for IMAX showings. The most expensive times to see movies are after 5:00 pm, but even then it is possible to save money on the AMC ticket cost. Senior citizens, children, students, and members of the military are able to receive discounts on tickets. Valid ID is required when taking advantage of any of these available discounts. Additionally, guests can sign up for the AMC Stubs program that rewards members by letting them earn rewards that can be redeemed later for free or discounted concession items. AMC ticket cost when buying tickets online is waived for those purchasing tickets online as long as you are a member of the program.

For more information visit AMC official website by clicking HERE .