Cineplex Inc (previously named Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund) is one of the largest entertainment businesses in Canada owning and operating a large chain of...

Cineplex Inc (previously named Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund) is one of the largest entertainment businesses in Canada owning and operating a large chain of movie theaters. Initially founded in 1912 the theater chain became a part of the Canadian entertainment scene in 1920. The company underwent several major changes beginning in 1999 when new owners and operators took the company in a different direction consolidating multiple business holdings into one large company. Today the theater side of the business, Cineplex Entertainment, has over 300 screens that show movies throughout Canada in 2D, 3D, and IMAX. The Cineplex price and the multiple extras that are available for guests to enjoy have made the chain extremely popular leading to the creation of VIP Cinemas that have full bars and serve adults only along with other screen concepts.

Below are the latest Cineplex Ticket Prices:

Cineplex Tickets
Standard Tickets
Child (3-13)$8.00
Senior Citizen$8.00
3D Tickets
Child (3-13)$11.50
Senior Citizen$12.00
IMAX Tickets
Child (3-13)$12.00
Senior Citizens$12.00

Cineplex Concession Prices

Cineplex price for concessions is competitive though the menu items offered vary based on locations. While all of the theaters owned by the popular chair feature standard concession items and have reasonable popcorn prices, certain locations offer more actual food and snacks. Some of the deluxe food options offered at certain locations are jalapeno poppers, fried pickles, and Canadian’s well known favorite Poutine. The majority of these specialty items cost between $7.00 and $8.00 each and some of the VIP Cinemas offer additional menu items. One of the most popular items offered by the VIP Cinemas are cocktails and other alcoholic beverages that are sold for a relatively low Cineplex price usually starting at $7.50 for a large cocktail.

Below are the latest Cineplex Prices for Concessions:

Cineplex Concessions
Small Popcorn$5.69
Medium Popcorn$6.19
Large Popcorn$6.99
Regular Candy$4.19
Hot Dog$3.79
Deluxe Food
Jalepeno Poppers$7.00
Mozzarella Sticks$7.00
Crispy Pickles$7.00
Chicken Tenders$12.50
Small Soft Drink$4.09
Medium Soft Drink$4.59
Large Soft Drink$5.09
Small Bottled Water$3.19
Large Bottled Water$3.79

More about Cineplex

The Cineplex ticket cost is lowest for children and senior citizens who are viewing a standard, 2D, movie. The Cineplex price for movies that are shown in the popular 3D format or in IMAX do cost more than standard movies. The Cineplex ticket cost for a 2D movie is currently $7.75 for children ages 3 to 13 (infants and toddlers are free), senior citizens Cineplex ticket prices are $8.25, and adult Cineplex ticket prices without discounts are $10.25. Theaters routinely show special events including WWE matches, classic films, musicals, and more. The Cineplex ticket cost for these varies by location and whether or not the event is being hosted. The Cineplex price for tickets can be reduced by purchasing tickets in bulk as a corporation or to be used as gifts during the holiday season.

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