Empire Cinemas Limited (commonly referred to as Empire Cinemas) began as a London cinema that was opened in 1884. Featuring variety shows on the...

Empire Cinemas Limited (commonly referred to as Empire Cinemas) began as a London cinema that was opened in 1884. Featuring variety shows on the west end the company became a cinema a larger chain in 2005. Their expansion was a direct result of the limiting of competitors when the United Kingdom Office of Fair Trading required two different chains were required to sell some of their locations. The acquisition led to Empire being renamed and rebranded Empire Cinemas and today they have 16 active theaters throughout the United Kingdoms with a total of 164 screens. Though most are attracted by the low Empire price, many still visit the original Empire location since it is often chosen to host film premiers.

Below are the latest Empire Ticket Prices:

Empire Tickets
Child (2-12)£5.99
Senior Citizen£5.99
Child (2-12)£6.99
Senior Citizen£6.99
Additional Charges
Luxury Seat+£9.99
Bean Bag Seat+£7.50
3D Charges+£2.00
IMAX Charges+£3.50

Empire Concession Prices

While most movie theater chains are known for their high concession prices, the Empire price for most of its concessions items are kept as low as possible. Different items are available at different locations, but popcorn prices are kept as reasonable priced as possible since it is the most popular item. Locations offer both salted and sweet popcorn in medium and large sizes. Boxes of candy are extremely affordable with most well liked varieties kept in stock. In addition to soft drinks, frozen drinks, and bottled water customers can purchase hot dogs, nachos, and ice cream to enjoy while they watch their movie.

Below are the latest Empire Concession Prices:

Empire Concessions
Medium Popcorn£4.35
Large Popcorn£4.65
Regular Candy£2.10
Hot Dogs£4.25
Ice Cream£3.10
Small Soft Drink£2.10
Medium Soft Drink£2.35
Large Soft Drink£2.65
Frozen Drinks£5.25
Bottled Water£2.00

More about Empire

Empire ticket prices are extremely reasonable especially for movies that are viewed in the afternoon. The Empire ticket cost is deeply discounted for all children, students, and senior citizens with afternoon rates of only £5.95 per ticket. In the evening Empire ticket prices increase, but they are still extremely reasonable when compared to the rates charged by other local chains. Discounts that are given to children, students, and senior citizens make visiting the movies together as a family more affordable. Also, visitors are able to enjoy luxury seating for a higher per ticket charge, or watch the movie in a fun bean bag seat for a reduced rate. Empire ticket cost for movies seen in 3D or IMAX is increased by £2.00 or £3.50.

Empire Cinemas have a variety of special viewing options that are perfect for children, seniors, and parents. Every weekend children can enjoy a reduced family friendly movie and each Wednesday morning seniors can watch a film that includes a complimentary coffee or tea and biscuit. Parents can bring their babies to the movies every Monday morning and ballet, documentaries, and exhibitions are scheduled regularly throughout the month.

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