BUBBLES Salon is a brand owned by Ratner Companies. BUBBLES has 33 salons across Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. The BUBBLES salon’s parent...

BUBBLES Salon is a brand owned by Ratner Companies. BUBBLES has 33 salons across Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. The BUBBLES salon’s parent company, Ratner Companies, was originally formed in 1974 by a pair of hairstylists named Dennis and Ann Ratner. They opened a salon named Hair Cuttery in Springfield, VA that has since grown to almost 800 salons across America. Four years later in 1978 Ann Ratner opened the first BUBBLES hair salon in Washington, DC.

Listed below are the latest BUBBLES SALON prices:

BUBBLES Salon Prices
Shampoo, cut and blowdry$35 and up
Shampoo and clipper cut$30 and up
Shampoo and blowdry$25 and up
Shampoo and set$30 and up
Shampoo, cut and set$35 and up
Curling or flat iron (additional to any service)$10 and up
Updo$45 and up
Hair Extensionsby consultation
Long hair charge$10
Single Color$50 and up
Demi color$50 and up
Glazing /toning$30 and up
Dimensional color (2 or 3 colors)$70 and up
Foil highlights - Partial$70 and up
Foil highlights - Full$90 and up
Face-framing highlights $50 and up
Color correctionby consultation
Children (10 and under)
Haircut only$20 and up
Shampoo, cut and blowdry$25 and up
Cibu® Systems Treatment$20 and up
Deep conditioning masque$25 and up
Brow, chin or lip$15 and up
Any of two areas$25 and up
Any three areas$35 and up
Texture and Curl
Relaxer, shampoo, cut and blowdry$90 and up
*Shampoo, blowdry and style (flat iron and/or curl)Relaxed Hair $45 and up
Natural Hair $60 and up
*Rollerset and blowdry$45 and up
*Wrap and curl$40 and up
*Flexi rod set$65 and up
*Twists / locs / natural hair styles$65 and u
Curl (perm), cut and style$100 and up
Spiral / designer perm, cut and style$130 and up
Partial perm / special servicesby consultation
Straightening/ smoothingby consultation
The Classic$45 and up
The Classic™ with Color$95 and up
The Classic™ with Highlights$115 and up
The Classic™ with Full Highlights$135 and up
The Classic™ Fusion$165 and up
The Classic™ Fusion with Full Highlights$185 and up

The idea that sets apart the BUBBLES salon from Hair Cuttery and other salon brands is their focus on the cutting edge. Employing stylists who share the same passion and vision for new and exciting trends in hair, BUBBLES now has 33 salons across four states, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. Ratner Companies also owns several other brands: ColorWorks, Salon Cielo and Spa, as well as Salon Plaza. These brands provide a large variety of services, from day spas to full service salons to hair color specialty salons.

A fine example of a local BUBBLES salon chain is the Bubbles salon Bethesda Row in Bethesda, Maryland, United States. They are located at 7118 Bethesda Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814. They are open seven days a week for varying hours. Every BUBBLES salon finds a way to set themselves apart from the other locations, and all of the stylists employed by every location are hand selected to ensure the best quality personnel possible. No location is as dedicated to this as the BUBBLES salon Bethesda Row. Now the question on many people’s minds when researching a new salon would be the BUBBLES salon prices. Listed below you will find the latest BUBBLES salon services and prices.

BUBBLES Salon Services:

Styling Services – Shampooing, Haircuts, blow drys, setting hair, updos, hair extensions… At BUBBLES salon you can expect to get the latest and greatest in hair trends regardless of what your personal needs are.

Coloring Services – Whether you want a single color, demi color, dimensional color, foil highlights, face framing highlights or color correction services you can find all of these at the BUBBLES salon location nearest you.

Texture Services – Do you need your hair relaxed? Set in rollers? Wrapped and curled? Permed? Straightened? Whatever your texture needs may be, you can bring your business safely to BUBBLES.

Treatment Services – Get your hair conditioned at BUBBLES today.

Children 10 and Under Services – BUBBLES salons offer discounts for your young children, so bring them too!

Waxing Services- Everyone has unwanted hair somewhere – Wherever that is on you, they can help you wax it off, making it a thing of the past.


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