Odeon UCI Cinemas Group is the owner and operator of the Odeon brand that is one of the largest movie theater chains in the...

Odeon UCI Cinemas Group is the owner and operator of the Odeon brand that is one of the largest movie theater chains in the United Kingdom. Founded by Oscar Deutsch in 1928 the first Odeon location was a picture house in Brierley , Staffordshire. Two years later the first theater to carry the Odeon brand name was opened and ten years later the business was sold to a different organization. Though the company has gone through several changes in ownership Odeon continues to be operated today and is now the largest movie theater chain operating in Europe. Odeon price has been a point of contention with some patrons, but most enjoy the experience of viewing a movie in one of the locations large theaters or smaller cozy cinemas.

Below are the latest Odeon Ticket Prices:

Odeon Tickets
Child (12 and Under)£7.00
Child (12 and Under)£8.00
Additional Charges
Adult 3D Fees+£3.00
Child/Teen/Student/Senior 3D Fees+£1.60
Premium Seating+£2.95

Odeon Concession Prices

Odeon price for concession is largely influenced by the location and size of the theater. Smaller locations typically offer a small selection of popular items while larger venues have greater selection. Odeon popcorn prices are fairly consistent from location to location for various sizes of salted and sweet toffee popcorns. All locations sell various sizes of popular candies, nachos, hot dogs, soft drinks, and frozen drinks. Some of the larger locations feature kiosks selling Ben and Jerry ice cream and gourmet coffees. All locations sell Coca Cola products after switching from Pepsi following several years of association.

Below are the latest Odeon Concession Prices:

Odeon Concessions
Small Popcorn£4.35
Medium Popcorn£4.75
Large Popcorn£5.15
Toffee Popcorn£4.50
Regular Candy£2.55
Large Candy£3.10
Hot Dog£5.10
Small Soft Drink£2.90
Medium Soft Drink£3.10
Large Soft Drink£3.40
Regular Frozen Drink£4.10

More about Odeon

Odeon ticket prices are extremely competitive and include several discounted rates to attract customers in the earlier, off peak, hours. While the Odeon price for tickets might seem higher than many smaller chains, the theaters always show the latest releases along with special events, limited releases, and first runs. Deep discounts are given to children 12 and under, teenagers, students (with identification cards from their schools), and senior citizens. There are additional charges for movies seen in 3D (these fees are reduced for children, teenagers, students, and senior citizens) and for utilizing premium seating at select locations.

Odeon ticket cost can be reduced by participating on one of the company’s many member loyalty programs. The most popular is the Odeon Premiere club that gives members points for every dollar they spend that can be redeemed for reduced Odeon ticket prices and concession items while giving members access to exclusive discounts and other offers. The new Limitless program has also done a lot to make Odeon ticket cost more competitive by allowing guests to view an unlimited number of movies for just one low monthly fee.

For more information visit Odeon official website by clicking HERE .