Founded in 2003 Vue Entertainment (previously known as SBC International Cinemas) was created when SBC purchased a cinema chain from Warner Brothers. Commonly known...

Founded in 2003 Vue Entertainment (previously known as SBC International Cinemas) was created when SBC purchased a cinema chain from Warner Brothers. Commonly known as Vue Cinemas the chain has spent years establishing a brand of premier movie theaters that would give customers greater freedom to choose their cinema experience. In 2005 Vue Cinemas purchased a chain from Aurora Entertainment that included a location of the highest grossing movie theater in the United Kingdom. By 2016 Vue Cinema was established as one of the largest chains in the United Kingdom with over 200 locations. In addition to the competitive Vue price they also give their customers incentive to visit by offering various ways for guests to save money and giving away promotional items.

Below are the latest Vue Cinema Ticket Prices:

Vue Tickets
Child (12 and Under)£6.00
Child (12 and Under)£7.00
Additional Charges
Adult 3D Fees+£3.00
Child/Teen/Student/Senior 3D Fees+£2.99
VIP Seating+£2.50

Vue Cinema Concession Prices

The Vue price charged for various concession items varies greatly from location to location. Unlike most large chains the different movie theater locations are given some control over the rates that they are able to price the concession items at. All of the different Vue locations do all offer a similar food selections including various sizes of salted popcorn, large sweet popcorn (toffee popcorn), large and small boxes of candy, and other basic concession items. Popcorn prices are kept as reasonable as possible and most locations try to pass on their bulk savings to their customers. Most locations also sell nachos, hot dogs, and a few have pizza. Along with basic soft drinks, frozen drinks are sold and a few locations offer hot beverages and bottled water.

Below are the latest Vue Cinema Prices for Concessions:

Vue Concessions
Small Popcorn£4.85
Medium Popcorn£5.15
Large Popcorn£5.85
Large Sweet Popcorn£5.85
Regular Candy£2.85
Large Candy£3.15
Hot Dog£5.85
Small Soft Drink£3.85
Medium Soft Drink£4.15
Large Soft Drink£4.85
Regular Frozen Drink£4.85

More about Vue Cinema

The Vue cinema ticket price is lowest in the early afternoon on weekends and before peak hours on weekdays. Though Vue ticket prices do go up in the evening, the Vue ticket cost for children, teens, and students are still extremely affordable. Additional fees are added to Vue ticket prices for all movies shown in 3D, but the fees added to the Vue ticket cost are lower for children, teens, and senior citizens are reduced slightly. VIP seating is also available on a first come first served basis at select locations.

Vue regularly hosts special screenings of classical opera, Bollywood films, live music events, and advanced showings. Films for children are also shown early every weekend morning for a greatly reduced price and every Tuesday guests can receive their ticket at a reduced price for signing up to receive emails from Vue Entertainment. Also, throughout the summer most locations offer the low children’s rate to all guests viewing family friendly films.