Originally founded in 1982 Carmike Cinemas is one of the most well known chains of movie theaters in the United States Named for the...

Originally founded in 1982 Carmike Cinemas is one of the most well known chains of movie theaters in the United States Named for the two sons of company’s founder Carl L. Patrick Senior Carmike has presented itself as America’s hometown theatre. Primarily located in suburban and rural areas the reasonable Carmike price along with their well maintained theaters have helped keep the chain popular. In 2000 the movie theater chain experienced a period of financial upheaval leading to the closure of several historic locations. Fortunately, the company was able to continue operating and over 300 of the chains locations were kept in operation throughout the United States.

Below are the latest Carmike Ticket Prices:

Carmike Tickets
Child (2-12)$6.00
Senior Citizen$8.00
Child (2-12)$8.00
Senior Citizen$9.25
3D Charges+$3.00

Carmike Concession Prices

Over the years the cost of attending a movie has gradual risen. Fortunately, the Carmike price for tickets and concession items has remained as competitive as possible in order to continue attracting guests to the cinema. Carmike offers its guest a wide selection of standard movie theater favorites including popcorn, candy, and various snacks. The Carmike popcorn prices start out at $6.25 and many locations offer guest complimentary or low cost refills on larger sized popcorns and beverages. Many locations allow guests to purchase a reusable popcorn bucket for $20.00 that can be reused at every visit making popcorn prices only $4.00 for a huge amount of popcorn. Guests are also able to enjoy specialty items such as pizza, hot dogs, and frozen beverages for very competitive prices.

Below are the latest Carmike Prices for Concessions:

Carmike Concessions
Small Popcorn$6.25
Medium Popcorn$7.75
Large Popcorn$8.50
Small Candy$3.00
Large Candy$4.50
Gourmet Pretzel$4.75
Hot Dog$6.00
Small Soft Drink$4.25
Medium Soft Drink$4.75
Large Soft Drink$5.50
Regular Slushee$6.25
Large Slushee$6.75
Small Bottled Water$4.25
Large Bottled Water$5.50

More about Carmike

At this time Carmike ticket prices vary slightly from location to location. However, regardless of where you are planning to attend the best way to save money during your next movie theater visit is to attend the movie early in the day. Carmike ticket prices for matinee showings are only $6.00 per ticket for children 12 years old or younger and toddlers are able to view most movies free of charge. Adults and senior citizens are able to view a matinee movie for $8.50 and $8.00 per ticket.

In addition to reducing the Carmike movie ticket cost by attending an earlier movie showing guests can participate in the Carmike rewards program. Participating in the rewards program gives you access to a points program that allows guests to earn free concession items or movie tickets. Also, members of the reward program receive first notification whenever there are special events that feature lower Carmike movie ticket cost and other special perks.

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