Cinemark USA, Inc. is a a chain of movie theaters currently owned by Cinemark Holdings Inc. Founded in 1976 the movie theater chain was...

Cinemark USA, Inc. is a a chain of movie theaters currently owned by Cinemark Holdings Inc. Founded in 1976 the movie theater chain was first established throughout California, Texas, and Utah. By 2009 the chain had become the largest in the United States and second largest in the world. Today Cinemark has over 500 movie theaters throughout the world with thousands of screens showing movies world wide. Cinemark price has remained consistent in the ever changing movie theater industries and the chain has started various promotions to encourage customers to continue visiting their various locations.

Below are the latest Cinemark Ticket Prices:

Cinemark Tickets
Child (2-12)$5.49
3D Charges$3.00

Cinemark Concession Prices

Cinemark price for concession items has risen over the years in response to changes throughout the industry. Though the rates have increased they have remained comparable to prices charged by other movie theater chains. Today Cinemark popcorn prices start out at $4.75 at most locations and go up to $6.50 for a large popcorn. Many locations offer complimentary refills of popcorn and beverages while you are on sight or charge a vary nominal fee for a refill. Sweet treats such as candy, ice cream, and frozen drinks can be purchased for prices starting at $3.00 per item. More substantial snacks can also be purchased at most locations including gourmet pretzel bites, premium hot dogs, pizza, and nachos. A few of the higher end locations have more expansive menus that vary in price and options based on the location.

Below are the latest Cinemark Prices for Concessions:

Cinemark Concessions
Small Popcorn$4.75
Medium Popcorn$5.50
Large Popcorn$6.50
Small Candy$3.00
Large Candy$3.50
Gourmet Pretzel Bites$4.25
Premium Hot Dog$4.75
Hot Dog$3.75
Ice Cream$4.25
Small Soft Drink$3.50
Medium Soft Drink$4.00
Large Soft Drink$4.25
Regular Slushee$4.25
Large Slushee$4.50
Small Bottled Water$3.75
Large Bottled Water$4.25

More about Cinemark

While most movie theaters have raised their ticket prices substantially, the Cinemark price for tickets has remained as affordable as possible at most locations. Guests who attend afternoon movies are charged much lower Cinemark ticket prices that start out at $5.75 for tickets and $6.00 for adults. During the evening tickets for children are still a low $6.75 while Cinemark ticket prices for adults is $9.25. There are additional charges for movies seen in 3D and locations with in seat dining and premium seating offer varying rates.

Cinemark price for tickets and concession items can be reduced by participating in their various promotions. The Cinemark ticket cost is reduced on senior days and discount days (the days vary by location) and participating locations offer discounts for students and military members. Cinemark ticket cost is reduced at locations that participate in family Monday’s that give families of three or more a reduced rate to attend family friendly movies. Coupons are also available at the company website that can be used to receive discounts on Cinemark ticket prices and concession items.

For more information visit Cinemark official website by clicking HERE .