When it comes to tanning, Hollywood Tans are the leaders in the industry; with more than 100 franchises over the USA, in each state they...

When it comes to tanning, Hollywood Tans are the leaders in the industry; with more than 100 franchises over the USA, in each state they should have at least one franchise near you! Pay them a visit, and you will see the level of professionalism and expertise their staff offers. You will get tanned faster than you would in traditional tanning beds at affordable Hollywood Tans Prices, and you will spend less time in the tube.

Below are the latest Hollywood Tan Prices

HT42 (1 tan)$8.00
HT42 (5 tan)$32.00
HT42 (10 tan)$56.00
HT42 (20 tan)$80.00
HT54 (1 tan)$13.00
HT54 (5 tan)$52.00
HT54 (10 tan)$91.00
HT54 (20 tan)$130.00
HT60 (1 tan)$17.00
HT60 (5 tan)$68.00
HT60 (10 tan)$119.00
HT60 (20 tan)$170.00
High Pressure (1 tan)$22.00
High Pressure (5 tan)$88.00
High Pressure (10 tan)$154.00
High Pressure (20 tan)$220.00
Premier (1 tan)$27.00
Premier (5 tan)$108.00
Premier (10 tan)$189.00
Premier (20 tan)$270.00

HT42 (2 weeks)$19.50
HT42 (1 month)$39.00
HT42 (3 months)$99.00
HT42 (6 months)$149.00
HT42 (1 year)$249.00
HT52 (2 weeks)$29.50
HT52 (1 month)$59.00
HT52 (3 months)$156.00
HT52 (6 months)$234.00
HT52 (1 year)$390.00
HT60 (2 weeks)$39.50
HT60 (1 month)$79.00
HT60 (3 months)$196.00
HT60 (6 months)$294.00
HT60 (1 year)$490.00
High Pressure (2 weeks)$49.50
High Pressure (1 month)$99.00
High Pressure (3 months)$236.00
High Pressure (6 months)$354.00
High Pressure (1 year)$590.00
Premier (2 weeks)$59.50
Premier (1 month)$119.00
Premier (3 months)$276.00
Premier (6 months)$414.00
Premier (1 year)$690.00

1 Tan$25.00
5 Tan$105.00
10 Tan$185.00
20 Tan$330.00

High Pressure$58.99

Hollywood Tan Services

  • Stand-up booths– when it comes to perfect tanning, stand-up booths are everything you need! You will tan evenly, and you will not have to be in a booth for a long time to get the perfect tan!
  • HT High Pressure Booth– you will get the immediate result, and it will last you long! Come to Hollywood Tans just twice a month and you will maintain that perfect tan!
  • The Ultimate 8-minute Tan– get tanned as fast as you can! You will get tanned in 8 minutes, and you will look fabulous after just 3 or 4 sessions!
  • Incredible 10-minute Tan– get to perfection after just 4-5 sessions! No need to stand long, as you will need only ten minutes to get tanned!
  • UV free tanning– the UV free tanning is a great solution if you have troubles get the perfect tanned skin! You will get tanned in seconds with the premium Bronzers offered at Hollywood Tans. You can get up to five shades darker than your natural skin!
  • HT Lotions– maximize your tan with the skin lotions offered at Hollywood Tans. Our professionals will help you choose the right lotion, the lotion proper for your skin. You can find all sorts of products, from Bronzers to shower gels, and your skin will get the proper care!

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