Since 1992 David Barton Gym has established itself as a place to workout if you want the highest level of service available. The gym is known for employing professional trainers who teach classes and offer one on one sessions along with experienced staff. The goal of the gym is to provide you with stylish gym that provides a high end workout experience for those who are serious about their exercise routines. Since its debut David Barton Gym prices have reflected the upscale ambience that each location provides. Even after expanding throughout the United States the company has never lost sight of the vision of its founder and continues to provide a high standard of service to its members.

Below are the latest David Barton Gym Prices and Fees:

David Barton Gym Prices
One Adult
Initiation Fee$0-$200
Monthly Fee$80-$100
Prepay Annually$1000-$1300

David Barton Gym prices give members access to top of the line exercise equipment such as cardio machines, elliptical machines, treadmills, and more. There are also numerous personal trainers at each location who are able to help you establish and meet your long term goals. One of the best tings about the staff at David Barton Gym is that they specialize in training those who are recovering for injuries, illness, or who are beginning an exercise program for the very first time. In addition to various workout machines and resistance equipment David Barton Gym prices includes access to many different classes for those who prefer group workouts.

David Barton Gym fees give members unlimited access to all locations and every class available. If you are someone who is unsure about joining they do offer a free pass allowing you to tour and experience the gym prior to joining. The initiation fee for new members is $250.00 and the monthly rate is $109.00 for an individual and $218.00 for a couple. There is a cancellation fee of $300.00 and annual membership rates are available. Each location offers their own special discounts and sign up specials online or at their location.