Giant Eagle Deli is a small department found in Giant Eagle chain of stores. The Giant Eagle is a popular chain of stores found in the US and majorly operates in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. This Store was founded back in 1918 in Pittsburg and in 2012 it was ranked as one of the best 75 North American food retailers. Giant Eagle Deli is famous for its assortment of sandwiches, meats, and freshly baked produce. If you are looking to find out more about Giant Eagle Deli, then you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about Giant Eagle Prices, services and what they offer.

Below are the latest Giant Eagle Deli prices

Deli Meats
Honey Ham$7.49
Smoked Turkey$6.49
Angus Roast Beef$10.99
Hard Salami$7.99
Roasted Turkey$6.99
Turkey Pastrami$8.49
Sliced Corned Beef$10.99
Country Ham$8.99
Cajun Style Roast Beef$11.99
Honey Roast Turkey$8.99
Head Cheese$6.99
Chicken Breast$8.99
Cooked Ham$4.79
Deli Cheeses
Colby Jack$4.99
Sharp Cheddar$6.99
Vermont White Cheddar$8.99
Mild Cheddar$6.99
Deli Platters
Giant Eagle Market District Meat Tray Mini Sandwich$39.99
Market District Deli Platter - Large$59.99
Wholesome Platter - Medium$49.99
Market District Antipasta Meat & Cheese Platter$59.99
Large Snack Charcuterie Platter$69.99
International Sandwich Platter $44.99
Bold Flavors Cheese Collection$79.99
Italian Cheese Collection$79.99
French Cheese Collection$79.99
Subs and Sandwiches
Market District 7" Roast Beef & Cheddar Sub$5.99
PPF Sandwich$3.99
Artisan Pizzas

Giant Eagle Deli prices and Services

Giant Eagle Deli prices vary depending on the particular product you are interested in buying. This Deli has a solid reputation of offering a wide selection of meats, cheese, and freshly baked products. The Deli also offers nutrition conscious foods for health-conscious people. If you are looking for baked products, Giant Eagle Deli makes a variety of custom cakes, cupcakes, pies, doughnuts, and pastries, cookies, cakes and tortes among others. If you are looking for meats, you can choose from Deli Cheese, Deli Meats, Deli Sides and Specialty foods, olive and Anti pastry bar, Sandwich and Deli Platters among others.  Giant Eagle Deli prices are quite reasonable and start from under $10.

Giant Eagle Store is one of the most successful companies in the US today. They typically base their popularity and achievements on offering quality service, convenience and affordable prices to their customers. Giant Eagle Deli have followed in the spirit of their company and offer exquisite services to customers; their friendly staff is always eager to serve you and ensure that you get your orders ready as fast as possible. Giant Eagle also offers discounts and special offers to their customers. Giant Eagle customers are able to get discount coupons from time to time, and they are readily available at the company website. In case you are still interested in finding out more about Giant Eagle Deli, you can check out their website or visit the nearest local store.