Acme is one of the oldest American neighborhood stores. The neighborhood retaining store is currently celebrating more than a 100 years of service. Acme...

Acme is one of the oldest American neighborhood stores. The neighborhood retaining store is currently celebrating more than a 100 years of service. Acme store was founded back in1891 with two friends in Philadelphia. Their main focus was opening a store that offered quality products. To this day, Acme is known all over the US for offering quality products at a reasonable price. The Acme Deli, a small section of the store found in all its locations, operates under a similar trend. In case you are looking to find out more about Acme Deli then you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information on Acme Deli prices as well as services and what they offer.

Deli Meats
Honey Ham$4.99
Smoked Turkey$6.99
Angus Roast Beef$11.99
Hard Salami$5.99
Roasted Turkey$6.99
Turkey Pastrami$7.99
Sliced Corned Beef$10.99
Black Forest Ham$5.99
Cajun Style Roast Beef$9.99
Honey Roast Turkey$6.99
Deli Cheeses
Goat Milk Cheese$6.99
Sharp Cheddar$5.99
Vermont White Cheddar$7.99
Medium Sharp Cheddar$6.99
Mild Cheddar$5.99
Deli Platters
Finger Sandwiches - Lunchmeat Filled$49.99
Finger Sandwiches - Salad Filled$49.99
Hoagie Sandwich Tray$44.99
Giant 4-foot Sub$64.99
Miniature Sandwich Tray$31.92
Braided Round Sub$49.99
Gourmet Tray$47.84
Gourmet Meat and Cheese Tray - With Bread and Tableware$63.84
All Wrapped Up Platter$34.99
Beef It Up Tray$39.99
Big Cheese Tray$59.99
Big Dipper Tray$49.99
Buffalo Wings Snack Square$24.00
C'est Cheese Tray$79.99
Cheese Lover's Tray$49.99
Club Sandwich Snack Square$16.00
Club Sandwiches$49.99
Croissant Sandwiches Snack Square$26.00
Entertainer Platter$34.99
Fruit & Fromage Tray$69.99
Fruit and Cheese Snack Square$24.00
Grand Appetizer Platter$34.99
Insalata Caprese Tray$24.99
Just Turkey, Ham, or Beef Tray$39.99
Mediteranean Meza Tray$69.99
Meat Lover's Tray$34.99
Wine Lover's Treat Platte$34.99
40 Piece Chicken Bucket$44.99
40 Piece Chicken Wing Bucket$29.99
20 Piece Chicken Dinner$29.99
Fresh Fried Chicken Party Packs$48.99 - $239.99
Fresh Grilled Chicken Party Packs$48.99 - $189.99
Fried Chicken Tenders$7.99
8 Pc Fried Chicken$7.99

Acme Deli prices and Services

Acme Deli prices range depending on the particular product am an individual customer would wish to purchase. Acme Deli is a favorite when it comes to their cakes, butcher block, and grocery. If you are looking to buy cakes you could choose from a wide variety of choices for birthdays, everyday cakes or every day sweeteners. Acme Deli also has special Deli days where customers can be able to access daily specials and delicious party trays that are made specifically to meet your party needs. Some of the customer favorites include the Acme Deli baked Italian bread and their delectable Chocolate Chip Cookies. Most of their favorite foods can be purchased for under $10.

Acme Deli’s reputation has grown over the years due to their excellent services and high-quality food. Their customer satisfaction rates are over the roof because of their friendly staff and good quality meals. The Deli also has a variety of products to choose from, and you will almost never miss anything you are looking for. Acme Deli also offers their products at an affordable rate a trend that was started by its founders a decade ago what has made this store a hit. If you still want to find out more about Acme Deli, you could visit your nearest local store or checkout their website online.