Harris Teeter Deli Prices Harris Teeter Deli is a small department found in Harris Teeter Supermarkets. Harris Teeter Supermarkets are a chain of leading...

Harris Teeter Deli Prices

Harris Teeter Deli is a small department found in Harris Teeter Supermarkets. Harris Teeter Supermarkets are a chain of leading supermarkets that are based in the US. This Store was founded in 1936 in North Carolina by two businessmen who joined forces to come up with an amazing store concept. This store is currently considered 35/75 Top retailers and wholesalers. Harris Teeter Deli is part of that success and is famous for offering its customers with a variety of freshly baked products, meats among other fantastic treats. If you are looking to find more about Harris Teeter Deli, you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about Harris Teeter Deli prices, services and what they offer.

Below are the latest Harris Teeter Deli prices

Deli Meats
Honey Ham$9.99
Smoked Turkey$9.99
Angus Roast Beef$13.49
Hard Salami$7.99
Roasted Turkey$6.99
Turkey Pastrami$9.99
Sliced Corned Beef$11.99
Country Ham$9.99
Cajun Style Roast Beef$12.99
Honey Roast Turkey$9.99
Deli Cheeses
Colby Jack$8.99
Sharp Cheddar$8.99
Vermont White Cheddar$9.99
Deli Platters
The Entertainer$39.99
Fruit & Cheese Cascade$49.99
The Cheese Sampler$45.99
Gardener’s Choice$38.99
Cheese and Olives$59.99
Pinwheel Roll-ups$45.99
La Petite Sandwich$34.99
Croissant Trio$39.99
Sandwich/Pita Combo$45.99
The Six Footer$69.99
The Hero Collection$39.99
3 Foot Ring Sub$39.99
Deviled Delights$22.99
Signature Salad Bowls$23.99
Tossed Temptations$19.99
In Complementary Fashion$14.99
The Golden Touch$34.99
Chicken Fingers$28.99
Market Double Dipped Fried Chicken$7.99
Whole Rotisserie Chicken$6.49

Harris Teeter Deli prices and Services

Harris Teeter Deli Prices vary depending on the product a particular customer would wish to purchase. Harris Teeter Deli is a friendly reliable neighborhood chain and through its Deli, it is able to prepare fresh, amazing food that is fit for any occasion. Harris Teeter Deli has a variety of authentic, delicious platter that can suit your needs. Customers could order food for parties, special occasions and corporate meetings. Some of its special platters include the delicious chicken platter, fruits and cheeses, deli meats and sandwiches. If you are looking to get a meal to go, you could select from a variety of breakfasts and desserts and vegetable salads. Harris Teeter also caters for a corporate function, delivery services, and birthday parties. Harris Teeter prices start as low as under $10.

Harris Teeter Deli have made a name for themselves in the Deli business by offering a variety of products from which their customers can be able to choose from. Apart from just offering quality products, they have gone a step ahead and introduced various services that have made them a favorite with their customers such as catering services, parties, and delivery. Harris Teeter also offers amazing offers and discounts to loyal customers which keeps them coming for more. In case you want to find out more about Harris Teeter deli, you can check out their website online or visit your nearest local store.