HEB Deli is part of the popular HEB Grocery store. HEB grocery store is a giant chain of leading supermarkets that is based in...

HEB Deli is part of the popular HEB Grocery store. HEB grocery store is a giant chain of leading supermarkets that is based in Texas. Over the years the grocery store’s reputation has made it a success across the US, forcing the management to open several new stores across the country to feed its growing demand. Currently, there are more than 350 stores across Texas and New Mexico. In 2015, this store was ranked as the 25th largest retailer in America. HEB’s Deli department is a favorite among many shoppers, and it’s pretty normal to find it crammed on a normal weekday. If you are looking to find more about HEB Deli, you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about HEB Deli prices, services and what they offer.

Below are the latest HEB Deli prices

Deli Meats
Honey Ham$7.97
Smoked Turkey$7.97
Angus Roast Beef$13.49
Hard Salami$6.97
Roasted Turkey$7.97
Turkey Pastrami$9.97
Sliced Corned Beef$11.97
Smoked Ham$5.98
Cooked Ham$4.98
Cajun Style Roast Beef$11.99
Honey Roast Turkey$9.99
Roasted Chicken$9.49
Deli Cheeses
Colby Jack$5.98
Sharp Cheddar$7.48
Vermont White Cheddar$9.99
Deli Platters
Taste of Tuscany Tray$34.99
Boar's Head Authentic Italian Submarine Roll $39.99
H‑E‑B Deli Cubed Cheese Party Tray$39.99
H‑E‑B Medium Italian Rustica Tray$49.99
H‑E‑B Meat, Cheese and Veggie Pretzel Party Tray$24.99
Boar's Head Deluxe Meat Party Tray$54.99
Boar's Head Cheese Medley Party Tray$43.99
Boar's Head Classic Meat and Cheese Party Tray$47.99
Boar's Head Charcuterie Party Tray $59.99
Boar's Head Mangia Party Tray$49.99
H‑E‑B Olive Antipasto Party Tray$11.99
H‑E‑B Deli Texas Cheese and Fruit Tray$29.99
Fresh Fruit Tray$29.99
H‑E‑B Deli Silver Dollar Sandwich Party Tray$24.99
H‑E‑B Rotisserie Chicken Salad Croissant Tray$24.99
H‑E‑B Catering Deviled Egg Platter$11.79
H‑E‑B Deli Peanut Butter and Jelly Finger Sandwich Tray$19.99
Boar's Head Assorted Submarine Roll Sandwich Tray$39.99
H‑E‑B Chipotle Turkey and Roast Beef Sandwich Platter$40.00
Deli Meat Party Finger Sandwich Tray$24.99
Take and Bake Pizza
All Meat$9.98
Four Cheese$7.99
Chicken Artichoke and Pesto$7.99
Wing Party Tray$29.99
Chicken Fingers$5.98
Mixed Fried Chicken$7.98
Fried Chicken Wings$5.98

HEB Deli prices and Services

HEB Deli is popular and a favorite to many HEB grocery customers due to the wide variety of treats and products that they offer. If you are looking for a variety of cakes, cheese, and meat, this is your go-to Deli. HEB deli has based their success on offering their customers with a variety of premium products at an affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a custom, gourmet or dessert cake, HEB deli has a variety of options that customers can choose from. A custom Floral cake at HEB deli goes for about $14.98 while a sensational German Chocolate cake goes for $13.98. The deli also offers breakfast, cookies, tray parties, rolls, and pies. If you are looking for a quick morning fix to go, you could grab a HEB Bakery Cheese Coffee cake to go.

Apart from having one of the best freshly baked products in the country, HEB Deli is also great choice for children’s parties, if you are looking to have a themed cake, be it a Barbie Doll Cake or a comic book special Batman Cake, then HEB Deli is the go to section. Apart from their incredible pricing, HEB Deli offers one of the best services in the industry; their friendly staff will ensure that they work on your order instantly while still keeping quality as a priority. They also offer special offers and discounts to loyal customers. In case you want to get more information about the Deli you can check out their website or walk into your local store.