Tesco Deli is a small department found in Tesco, a popular British multinational grocery. Tesco’s headquarters are based in Welwyn, Garden City, Hertfordshire, England....

Tesco Deli is a small department found in Tesco, a popular British multinational grocery. Tesco’s headquarters are based in Welwyn, Garden City, Hertfordshire, England. Tesco is currently the third largest retailer in the world according to world profits. This multinational store has a store in more than 12 countries in the world including the US, Asia, and Europe. Tesco was started back in 1919 by Jack Cohen as a group of market stalls. Tesco Deli offers a wide variety of meats, bread, and special platter. In case you want to find more about Tesco Deli, you have come to the right place, below you will find useful information about Tesco Deli prices, services and what they offer.

Below are the latest Tesco Deli prices

Deli Meats
Honey Ham£6.95
Smoked Turkey£6.16
Angus Roast Beef£8.45
Roasted Turkey£5.16
Roasted Pork£5.95
Smoked Ham£5.56
Cooked Ham£4.50
Honey Roast Turkey£10.00
Corned Beef£4.45
Liver Sausage£2.95
Ox Tongue£6.45
Roasted Chicken£6.66
Black Pudding£1.75
Deli Cheeses
Mature Cheddar£4.12
Applewood Smoked Cheddar£3.80
Five Counties£3.20
Seriously Strong Cheddar£5.50
Blue Stilton£4.60
Frico Edam Ball£4.26
Spanish Manchego £8.00
Swiss Gruyere£7.25
Vintage Cheddar£7.20
Deli Platters
Tesco Easy Entertaining Large Sushi Platter£18.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining Vegetarian Sushi £10.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining Tropical Fruit Platter£10.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining Antipasti Selection£8.00
Finest Easy Entertaining Pork Pie And Sausages£15.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining American 20 Piece £8.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining Pitted Olive Selection£8.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining Finest Canape Selection£10.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining 20 Classic Sandwich£12.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining Mini Roll Platter£14.00
Tesco Easy Entertaining Cooked Meat Platter£11.00
Prepared Foods
Tesco Counter Gala Pork Pie With Egg£7.00
Tesco Counter Jumbo Sausage Roll£1.20
Counter Tesco Pork And Chicken Pie By Weight£10.00
Tesco Counter Beef And Vegetable Pasty 150G£2.00

Tesco Deli prices and Services

Tesco Deli mainly focuses on Ham and cooked meats. The deli offers a wide range of Beef, pork, tongue, traditional meats, Chicken, pre-sliced among other meats. Their prices are very affordable and begin under $10. You can be able to get Deli cooked ham 3 slices for $0.95 or Counter Roast Turkey Breast for $5.95. Chicken and Turkey prices also begin at less than $5. The top side of beef 6 slices can also be found for as little as $2 in the Deli. Their competitive prices have made them so successful in the market that customers can ship Tesco products online from anywhere in the world.

Tesco has based their success on offering high-quality products at low prices; this is a strategy that has seen them become a leader in the retail business worldwide. They also offer speedy service, therefore, whether you are ordering physically from the Deli or you want your products shipped, you don’t have to wait for too long to get your order. Their customer service is also excellent, customers are served and treated well in the Deli, a thing that keeps them coming back. Tesco Deli also has amazing offers and discounts on their products, for more information about Deli offers you could checkout their website or visit your local center for updated deals.