If you are looking for a good place to buy and/or install tires for your vehicle Walmart Auto Center is a great option. Walmart...

If you are looking for a good place to buy and/or install tires for your vehicle Walmart Auto Center is a great option. Walmart Auto Center offers all the tire service options you would want such as tire installation, tire balance and rotation, Valve Stem/TPMS installation, Flat tire repair, Lug nut replacement, and more. Now we know the most popular question is how much does it cost to install tires at Walmart and the answer will depend on if you are looking for basic tire installation package or the value tire installation package. Below you will find Walmart tire installation fees as well as prices for any other tire services currently available at Walmart.

Walmart Tire Service Prices and Fees

Walmart Tire Installation Fee $15 per tire – Includes tire mounting TPMS service pack, lifetime balance and rotation every  7500 miles. Walmart tire installation Fee is $25 for tires not purchased at Walmart or Walmart.com .

Walmart Value Tire Installation Package $25 per tire– It comes with everything included in regular Walmart tire installation as well as 50 mile lug re-torque and road hazard protection warranty. This package is only available for tires purchased at Walmart.

Walmart tire rotation Fee $2.50 per tire – Does not include remounting and balancing.

Walmart Lifetime balance and Rotation Fee $12 per tire – Walmart will rotate and balance any tire brought to Walmart every 7500 for the life of tire from original purchase date. Tires do not need to be purchased at Walmart for this package.

Walmart Tire repair fee $10 per tire – Only available for tubeless tires and repaired to Rubber Manufacturer Association guidelines.

Walmart tire lug nut replacement $2 per lug nut.

Walmart Valve stem/TPMS service pack installation fee is $3 per tire– If the TPMS needs to be reset additional fee may apply.

Walmart Tire Service FAQ

Does Walmart offer free tire installation?

No Walmart does not offer free tire installation

How much does it cost to mount and balance 4 tires at Walmart?

If the tires are purchased at Walmart or Walmart.com the Installation fee will be $60 for 4 tires. If the tires are not purchased at Walmart the installation is $100 for 4 tires. This fee includes lifetime balance and rotation every 7500 miles.

Are Walmart tires good?

Walmart Auto center sells many different brands of tires including top brands such as Goodyear and Michelin as well as the not so established tire brands. The answer to this question depends on which tires you decide to go with.

Does Walmart install tires ordered online at Walmart.com?

Yes your local Walmart will install the tires you ordered from Walmart.com and tire installation fee will be $15 per tire.